Secure Data Technologies

Response to COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, we think it is important to remind our clients and our local communities that the Secure Data Technologies team is committed to providing uninterrupted continuity and support to our clients. We recognize the importance of our role in ensuring your business’ continued success. We want to remind you that we are uniquely capable of providing support on several levels to allow your business to weather the current health crisis.

The Secure Data team is here to help keep your technologies and environments up and running so that you and your business can operate as normally as possible. We want to proactively reassure you of our commitment so you can remain focused on your critical business priorities in the following ways:

  • Remote Assistance:  All Secure Data Technologies employees are equipped to engage with you via remote productivity tools. We have always been committed to using technology to allow our team to support you in many different ways and, ultimately, feel we are operating at near-normal capacity. The exception to this is limiting unnecessary on-site visits to help do our part to CDC and WHO recommendations. We have also incorporated additional sanitation and social distancing recommendations for all staff.
  • Suspended in-person events:  For the foreseeable future, we have suspended any planned in-person events. Those already in progress have been converted to virtual events and all attendees have been notified.
  • Hardware Upgrades: As you look at current infrastructure and wonder if it can handle increased remote workload, Secure Data will work with your organization to assess your current infrastructure to identify items that are in need of physical upgrading and/or software upgrades.
  • Providing tools for remote collaboration:  Secure Data is working with many of our partners to offer no-cost or minimal investment trials and options that will allow your business to shift to a remote workforce as seamlessly as possible. We can assist with licensing, firewalls/gateways and Business Continuity services.
  • Business Continuity: Our Sales Engineers are available to walk you through your current Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan to ensure that you have the proper resources in place to weather any storm. We can work with you to bolster your existing plan if necessary.
While we do take the COVID-19 situation very serious, our plan is to remain fully operational.  As always, we're here and happy to help. Feel free to reach out at 888.599.1480 or via the contact form to the right and we will make sure your request is put in the hands of the appropriate team member(s). As always, we appreciate your trust in Secure Data Technologies and your technology infrastructure partner.